Learn to fly video was never like this!

This DVD is not your typical How to Fly video. Instead, “Fly Jake” is about the Adventure of learning to fly.
You’ll ride along with teenage pilot Jake Smith, from that very first time in the pilot’s seat at age 13, all the way to his Private Pilot’s license on his 17th birthday, and beyond.
Jake narrates “Adventures of a Teenage Pilot” himself, keeping you in the air as much as possible.
“Fly Jake” is a movie-length video, two-and-a-half-hours, professionally photographed and edited, that puts you the teenager (or student pilots of any age for that matter) in the pilot’s seat.
And just like DVDs of major feature films, “Fly Jake” has “chapter select” so you can skip back and forth to anywhere in the DVD. Like a favorite movie, you’ll watch it again and again.
Jake’s dad Bill was a teenage pilot himself and is a TV news reporter in Los Angeles. Jake’s mom Karen is a retired flight attendant for TWA and American Airlines. Together they brought their enthusiasm for flying to help Jake produce this video.
“Fly Jake” had its simple beginnings as home video footage from the back seat of the Cessna 172, so Jake could go home and experience each flying lesson again. Then Jake realized that other young pilots (or not so young pilots) could learn from the video too. So “Fly Jake” took off.
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Adventures of A Teenage Pilot
Where’s Jake now? He's in his junior year at an east coast college
with its own School of Aviation. Jake's working on his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Professional Pilot. Jake earned his Instrument Rating two semesters ago, a few months later added his Commercial Pilot's License, and
recently earned his Multi Engine Rating in a Piper Seminole. And at age 19,
he's still officially a Teenage Pilot. Hey, it could happen to you!
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